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Every gift matters. Explore some of the many ways your generosity has made a difference at Wellesley.

Last fiscal year (July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015), Wellesley’s enthusiastic and generous community of donors—more than 16,550 alumnae, parents, faculty, staff, students, and friends—continued to drive the College’s success. Together, you provided more than $52 million in support. Whether it’s providing support for scholarships for deserving students, research opportunities, teaching salaries, living and learning facilities, or academic programs—donors make the difference!

In addition to dollars raised, our alumnae participation rate (the percentage of alumnae who give to Wellesley) also reflected an incredibly successful year. Because of you, the College maintained its position among the top colleges in the nation for alumni participation by achieving 50 percent—a remarkable point of pride! Wellesley’s participation rate is important because it is a metric used in influential college rankings, it encourages corporations and foundations to award grants to Wellesley, and it communicates to prospective students and faculty that we have a committed alumnae network.

Far beyond records and statistics, your philanthropic support illustrates to today's students that being part of this extraordinary community of donors means extending your hand to all the Wellesley women who will follow and furthering the College’s mission of providing a world-class liberal arts education.

As a gesture of appreciation from Wellesley and the current student body, we invite you to view a short video produced by Alexandra Azzi '15. Alex's video provides a glimpse into the exceptional student experience Wellesley supporters help create!

A portrait of life at Wellesley College. A film by Alexandra Azzi '15.

Want to know more about how your support makes a difference at Wellesley? Here are a few examples of your dollars at work:

The Wellesley Impact

Your support enables faculty and students to make a difference in their local communities and around the world. Read more >

Financial Facts

Wellesley’s operating budget utilizes funds raised to help pay for annual expenses including financial aid packages for students. Read more >

A Community of Donors

No matter the size of the gift–each one counts! Collectively, they have a tremendous impact at Wellesley. Read more >

Leadership Donor Recognition

Members of the Durant Society and the Legacy Society are among some of the most generous donors to Wellesley. Read more >

Parent and Family Giving

Gifts made from parents and families to The Parents Fund have an immediate and positive impact in the experience of current students. Read more >

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