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Your years at Wellesley prepared you for a lifetime of adapting and changing, imbuing you with a passion to continue learning long after you closed your last textbook. Wellesley is a bit like that as well: to maintain its beautiful campus and exemplary academics, it needs continual refining and refreshing. You can be part of rejuvenating specific elements of Wellesley’s unique environment.

We’ve identified four major areas of specific need. You have the opportunity to support an initiative that is especially meaningful to you.

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Essential Wellesley

Help attract, admit, and retain the best and brightest students. It’s true—everything about Wellesley is essential, but most especially our students and faculty. Gifts directed to Essential Wellesley will support financial aid and every aspect of our day-to-day operating requirements, from scholarships to competitive faculty salaries, classroom technology, light bulbs, and new books.

Iconic Wellesley

A century-old campus needs some tender loving care. Did the beauty of our campus inspire you? Gifts directed to Iconic Wellesley will provide funds for repairing leaded windows and restoring the domes and roofs of Cazenove, Beebe, Pomeroy, and Shafer Halls. Your gift will nurture the campus that played such an important role during your time at Wellesley.

Greener Wellesley

Sustainable thinking is smart and responsible. We get it. Your gift to Greener Wellesley will support tools and strategies to promote a healthy community and sustainable campus. Your gift will help fund ongoing sustainability efforts, including reducing the College’s consumption of electricity, #6 fuel oil, and potable water.

Academic Wellesley

Support academic development on campus and sustainable solutions for the world. Gifts directed to Academic Wellesley will provide support for the engineering, Middle Eastern studies, cinema and media studies, and American studies programs. Your gift will enable students to take part in Wellesley’s empowering learning environment.

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