Senior Gift at Wellesley is not a bench or a tree. It is not a tangible item that you will see on campus.

Senior Gift is a gift to your class and all of the sibs that come after you. It is a gift to all Wellesley students in honor of your class.

How does that work? Senior Gift supports The Wellesley Fund, which provides for the most immediate needs on campus. One of the most important and pressing need on campus that The Wellesley Fund supports is current-use financial aid. While a large majority of the funds raised go to financial aid, The Wellesley Fund also helps with campus funding and projects that the endowment cannot.

Why else does it matter? Your class participation is included in Wellesley's annual alumnae participation rate in the year you graduate. Why does that matter? It contributes to Wellesley's rank in the US News and World Report. The percentage of alumnae who make gifts counts for 5% of our score in the rankings. Two years ago, Wellesley had under 50% participation and were at #7 in the rankings. When we achieved over 50%, we moved up to #4!

The Goal
Last year, the class of 2015 set records with 85% of classmates participating in senior gift. They raised enough money to support two scholarships. Our goal this year is not only to meet 85%, but to beat it!


  • Senior Gift will be hosting a pub night in February, where ALL seniors get a free drink! Those who make a gift (of any size!) get two free drinks.
  • With a gift of $10 you will receive a 2016 champagne flute in April at Senior Soirée.
  • With a gift of $100 you will become a member of the Ruby Circle and receive a year membership in the Durant Society. You will also receive all other benefits. For a limited time, you can join the Ruby Circle just under $15/month. Just make your gift in monthly payments, ending by June 30.

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  • Why Wellesley?

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    A little something extra...

    Gifts of all sizes count toward class participation, but incentives are nice, too. Learn more >

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