Top Ten Reasons You Should Support Wellesley


Future Wellesley Students: Ensure future Wellesley students have the same
(and better!) opportunities than you did.

Wellesley’s Rankings: Alumnae and student participation rates account for five percent
of the ranking criteria in US News and World Report.

Faculty: Competitive faculty salaries ensure Wellesley remains among
the top three schools for professors.

Bridge the Gap: Unrestricted gifts help bridge the gap between tuition
and the actual cost of educating each Wellesley student.

Endowment = Savings: Endowment funds are invested in perpetuity to ensure the
College's future strength; only the income is spent (capped at 5.5% annually).

Affordability:  In June of 2012, Wellesley College was named in the Boston Globe report
as a bargain for students because of our substantial investment in financial aid.

Financial Aid: Approximately 60 percent of students receive aid directly from the College.
Even if you didn’t receive aid, your education was subsidized by donors to the College.

Prospective Wellesley Students: Strong alumnae, parent and student support shows
prospective students and incoming first-years that we care about Wellesley’s future.

Keep Wellesley Competitive: A robust Wellesley Fund leverages foundation and
grant support because corporations and foundations look at
alumnae participation as a measure of satisfaction with Wellesley.

Pay it Forward: Give back to a college that has given so much to you.


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