Wellesley parents support their
students in countless ways.

Over her four years on campus, Wellesley parents support their student in countless ways, both great and small. They haul boxes up narrow stairwells in September and bring them all back down again in May. They buy textbooks and the occasional celebratory luncheon in the Vil. They field late-night phone calls during finals, soothing jangled nerves and reassuring them that there is life beyond a "B."  No student gets through Wellesley on her own, and we are profoundly grateful for all ways that you support your student as she prepares to make a difference in the world.

In addition, this year over 700 parents and families went above and beyond by contributing more than $425,000 in unrestricted gifts to The Parents Fund, a vital annual giving fund at Wellesley. Ranging from $5 to $50,000, these gifts went directly into current-year use for the programs that most impact today’s students. Every gift from a Wellesley parent strengthens the activities that take place both inside and outside the classroom by providing financial resources that support academic excellence at the College and improve student services and facilities.

Here are a few examples of what gifts to the The Parents Fund can do at Wellesley:

  • Help the College enroll and retain the most promising students by supporting scholarships, fellowships, and student research programs
  • Maintain the quality of a Wellesley education by supporting the recruitment of exceptional professors
  • Expand and strengthen academic offerings and the diversity of programs
  • Create opportunities for student-faculty research
  • Provide increased student co-curricular activies on campus

On behalf of the College, thank you for your gifts, your time, and everything that you have done to support your student this past year. Wellesley wouldn’t be Wellesley without you!

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